Foreigners Travel To Thailand Believe It To Be A No Holds Barred Sex, Drug And Drinking Experience


Recently, a foreign couple was caught during a sex act on Koh Phi Phi by locals. The man and woman were caught as she gave her partner a blowjob on Walking Street. The not so intimate act was broken up by angry locals, who shared the video online days later to shame the couple.

The Irishman and American woman, as identified late on, are not the first pair of foreigners to be caught by Thais as they engaged in a form of sex. Too often foreigners travel to Thailand believing it to be a no holds barred sex, drug and drinking experience. Yet, often find themselves to be extremely mistaken once arriving and running afoul of either the locals or the law.

The online video of the blowjob buddies shows local Thais stopping the couple before threatening to phone the authorities. The American woman, who appeared to be heavily intoxicated after the incident was broken up, performing oral sex on the man on the crowded corner of Walking Street and people passed by. The two must have been severely sedated to be able to carry on to that extent with people all around them.

While Thailand is regularly a haven for backpackers and foreigners trying to escape the daily grind of life back home, this seems to be something that is rare in western cultures like the UK, US or Canada. That is not to say this does not happen, but it seem people feel they can get away with whatever they like while backpacking; especially in Thailand. It is doubtful that the woman or man in question from the viral video would perform the same sex act in Dublin or on the streets of New York City. At least one would think they would have the decency to be out of the public’s view.
Much like in the UK, Europe or any other western culture, a sex act in public such as the one that has gone viral to shame the two stars, would see the police called. The foreigners who have been caught and shamed by the online video, have got no less than they would have back home. Perhaps back home, worse would have happened to them for being so intoxicated and foolish.

In the end, both of them have received 15 minutes of fame from the video, and once again give Americans and Irish a bad name when others travel abroad. It surely won’t be the last time that this happens in Thailand.







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