Meet Thailand Vlogger Nicola Jayne


Here is the introduction to Teacher Nicola an expat Vlogger living in Thailand. Looking for some tips or planning to move to Thailand. Follow her YouTube to know the lifestyle.

Hello everyone! My name’s Nicola Jayne and I’m a British expat here in Thailand. I came to Thailand nearly five years ago after I’d finished University. I didn’t want to just settle straight into a job in the U.K, I wanted to travel and experience a new culture. I’m so glad I decided to make the move here to Thailand. I love the lifestyle here so much that I decided to stay. I now have a Thai partner and a little boy named Asher. I teach Pre-KG in a lovely international school in the south of Thailand and we get to travel often.

Whilst I’m very settled here now, I did find it hard to adjust to life here at first. I also think moving to a foreign country can be very daunting for a lot of people. Because of this, I wanted to try and help. So, a little while ago, I started YouTube channel, posting videos offering tips and advice for other expats, or those wanting to move to Thailand in the future.

My vlogs aim to give an insight into what life as an expat is really like and answer any questions people may have, be it about travel, teaching, or just lifestyle in Thailand in general. I’ve had so much fun making the videos so far and I’m so happy that I’ve helped and inspired others on their journey to Thailand J My channel is still very small but I have a lot of ideas for future videos.

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