Underground Cables To Be Laid On Ratchawithi Road


The Metropolitan Electricity Authority will lay underground cables on Ratchawithi road.

After Bill Gates posted a picture of tangles of cables in Thailand on his blog, the authorities have shown a sense of urgency to fix the issue. The entire project covers 127 km of laying underground power lines and Ratchawithi is the first road to start with following with Rama 3 road, Ratchdaphisek road, Rama 9 (in total 39 roads).

The work at Rachawithi road is estimated to take 50 days. After the underground cables construction is done at Rachawithi road, the MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority) will move to Rama 3 road. According to the MEA it is much more costlier to lay underground cables than the above-ground ones but also believes that it is important to have underground cables installed to avoid any collapse of above-ground poles.



Bangkok Post





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