What To Do In Bangkok For 47 Years? Response By Skyscanner Staff Jen Goes Viral


James Lloyd, a 25 year old from Lincolnshire, posted a screenshot of technical issues with Skyscanner that suggested a 47 years layover in Bangkok.

“Hi Skyscanner. Just wondering what you’d recommend I do during the 47 year layover your website has suggested?”

However, the response from Jen Rankine, Skyscanner Social Media Manager UK goes viral when she suggested some creative and cool ideas on how to spend 47 years in Bangkok.

Here is her reply in its entirety:

jen rankine reply

Social Media is the only platform that gives a chance to communicate directly with your fans / followers and haters.

Because of her wit everyone believes that Jen should get a promotion. Do you agree? Read the post here – https://www.facebook.com/james-llyod-skyscanner






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