Chinese Tourists Taken To Task By Beijing Auntie


Chinese tourists are well-known for their rude and unexpected behaviour when on holiday. In fact, social media has been awash with people criticising Chinese tourists for their behaviour abroad, and especially their rude manners. Or shall we say, lack of manners.

Bin Bin Ji, a Beijing auntie, who was recently on holiday in Phuket has taken those Chinese tourists to task. In a recently posted video on Shanghaiist, Ji has garnered a few seconds of fame as she explains a recent episode that took place at Phuket’s Lovers’ Beach.

The video is a three minute blast of Ji railing against Chinese tourists and their “do whatever I want” attitude on holiday. In the video she addresses one tourist who repeatedly tried to break the law, attempting to take a piece of wood away from Lovers’ Beach, a protected area on the island. The criticised woman also showed a lack of respect to Thai tour guides as well. Something Ji speaks about in the video.

In the clip Ji recounts the conversation she had with the woman depicted in her rant. Saying she said to the woman: “Fuck, and you wonder why people hate us this much. Why are you such an asshole?”

One of the most memorable parts of Ji’s rant, is that she implores Chinese tourists to accept the culture and laws of other countries. She feels too often Chinese tourists go abroad and apply Chinese laws to the country they are visiting.

Unbelievable Ji’s video has reached over 1.5 million views on Facebook. Subtitled in both Thai and English, the video is just over three minutes, and has drawn her both fame and infamy.

Ji is not done with her rants and raves, however. People who enjoyed her views on the Chinese woman on Lovers’ Beach, will get to hear more from the auntie in the future. Ji plans to add more videos of her rantings to Facebook.

No word yet, if a Chinese television station will hire her for a segment. However, with her new found fame, anything is possible for Bin Bin Ji.

(Video below with English Sub-titles)



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