Language Express School Providing Bangkok With Top-Notch English Education


With English becoming the dominate language that people use in business around the world, learning English has never been more important. Yet, it isn’t just business that predominately uses the English language. Universities, entertainment and travel are all realms in which English is widely used to communicate. It is truly a common language in the 21st century. That is where Language Express comes in, as Bangkok’s top English language academy.

Founded in 2009 by business partners and English teachers Michael Ratcliff and Simon Cavell, the school has been providing Bangkok with expert English teaching for seven years. Language Express has a much older story, however, that began in Japan. It was there that Ratcliff and Cavell established their partnership and opened the first Language Express. The dynamic duo would later continue their educational partnership in Australia before settling in Thailand and building the Bangkok branch of Language Express. Since that February day in 2009, the school has gone from strength to strength, and continues to provide students from all over Thailand with English speaking, writing and listening skills.

Not only does Language Express provide basic English language courses for students of all abilities, but students are able to study IELTS and TOEIC as well. Both tests are important in the university application process for students hoping to study abroad. In addition, many companies these days ask to see scores from one of the tests to prove a candidate’s – or employee’s – capabilities of using English in a business setting.

Perspective students can test themselves on Language Express’ website to gauge their English level prior to signing up. The questions range from pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate levels, and give students a taster of sorts.

Language Express isn’t just about English, however, as the school provides Thai language classes, too. Students staying in Bangkok for an extended period of time or expats working in Thailand can attend lessons to learn, improve and master the Thai language.

While the school offers an education in English and Thai to students, it also gives teachers the opportunity to work in one of the most sought after expat cities in the world. Thailand is often a country English teacher’s dream of working in, and Language Express offers them that chance.

With over 40 years between them in English education, Ratcliff and Cavell have not only established a successful school, but one that will be providing students in Bangkok lessons for years to come.






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