Narry Bespoke Tailors Providing Quality In Bangkok Since 1977


Television suit wearing icon Barney Stinson once explained that he wore a suit and tie to distinguish himself from the millions of t-shirt and jeans wearing lemmings in the world today. At Narry Bespoke Tailors in Bangkok, I found just that, a way to separate myself from the millions of look alikes in the world. Narry Bespoke Tailors had thousands of suits and shirts to help distinguish me from all of the t-shirt and jeans wearers in the world.

Narry offers an amazing range of products from its flagship store at Sukhumvit Soi 11. Not only does Narry Bespoke Tailors brilliantly stitched clothing in an array of choices, but the company also offers them at affordable prices. I was surprised to find suits as cheap as THB 5,000, which I thought was too good to be true. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t. Shirts, trousers or three piece suits were all available.

Narry Bespoke Tailors can customise any suit to fit a person’s needs. The store did just that when I was fitted, as I wanted a slim look, but needed a little bit of room in some areas. Narry was able to do this for me, and it looked great in the end. From start to finish, it took a mere three days to get the finished product. This included choosing the fabrics and having two fittings before walking out of the store with my new suit.

Narry Bespoke Tailors has been in Bangkok for nearly 40 years. It has dressed people from all over the world, taking exact measurements to make the best products for its customers. They did just that when I arrived at the store, taking their time to get everything right, and providing me with choice. What I received was the best suit I had ever purchased, made just for me.

I found that Narry’s website also provides those outside of Bangkok with the chance to buy well-crafted attire. The tailor’s gives customers the chance to choose from a variety of materials, including Italian cotton, Egyptian cotton or wool. That is the thing I noticed most about Narry Bespoke Tailor. The company gives customers choice, and works its hardest to satisfy buyers.

While there are a lot of tailors out there, there is only one Narry Bespoke Tailors. With the quality and affordability I found there, Barney Stinson would definitely approve, and he would suit up in one of Narry’s sharp three piece ensembles.

Writer – Drew Farmer






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