Reasons That Led To The Suspension Of Bangkok’s Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra


Sukhumbhand Paribatra the Governor of Bangkok was suspended by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha in terms of section 44 of the interim charter on allegations of misusing the city’s funds.

According to The Nation the Governor has been the center of many controversies during his second term since 2013.

Dec 2013

Suspended for five months after Election commission gives him a yellow card for his supporters alleged defamation of a rival candidate.

Dec 2015

BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Authority) was accussed of purchasing unnecessary musical instruments worth THB 1.3 billion for BMA-run schools even though they did not have music teachers.

May 2016

THB 39.5 million was spent i the project “Bangkok Light of Happiness” New Year project which is assumed to be a lot higher than other countries.

May 2016

The Governor was accused of spending THB 16.6 million for his office refurbishment.

July 2016

Accused of alleged corruption in procurement of 20 small fire vehicles worth THB 160 million and that too with a left-hand drive.

The government will continue with the investigation for the next two weeks. “If the investigation finds no evidence of wrongdoing, the accused will be reinstated” said Colonel Taksada Sangchan.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok Pusadee Tamthai will take over the responsibility until the investigation continues.


The Nation






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