Thai Prostitute Files Complaint Over Viral Video


A Thai prostitute having an affair with a man already in a relationship, has filed a complaint with the Technology Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok. The complaint was filed on Monday 8th August following a video of her getting kicked out of her lover’s apartment going viral.

The video shows Saranya Saeharn, a 24-year-old prostitute in Bangkok, being removed from the apartment by the man’s enraged girlfriend. The girlfriend, Viraluk “Manao” Sutthiprapar, did not appear in the video, although her voice can be heard. Manao gained famed in 2015 as the promotional model and contestant of Miss Maxim Model.

During the video, Saeharn locked herself in the bedroom that Manao and her boyfriend share. The incident took place at 3 AM on July 31 at the Belle Condominium. There are no reports of police being called to the scene.
Saranya believes the viral video has damaged her reputation as a prostitute. She has accused Manao of harming her business as the video has brought much unwanted negative attention to her via social media and newspapers.

The video depicts a frightened Saranya being told to leave the apartment by Manao’s boyfriend. The prostitute was clad in only a blanket, but was told to remove it before exiting the apartment. The boyfriend assisted Saranya following the incident and video shows her crying in the hall following the argument.

According to reports, Manao did not post the video online, as she was hurt too much from catching her boyfriend sleeping with Saranya. The video was posted by a friend that she sent it to. “I was the person who bought the condo,” Manao later stated. “Someone released the clip and accused me of posting it. I didn’t do it. Why would I shame my ex-boyfriend?

“I’m the one who hurts the most. I saw them humping on the sofa when I came home at 3 AM. What if it happened to you?”

Manao’s statement indicates she and the boyfriend are no longer together after the episode.

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