Who Could Be Behind Thailand Bombings In Tourist Areas


No international terrorist group has claimed responsibility over 11 bombings in tourist hot spots of Thailand.

Thai Police investigation claims that it is NOT any international terrorist organization, neither it is separatist insurgent groups of Malay-Muslim provinces. So, who could it be?

Police Colonel Krisana Pattanacharoen claim that this could be “local sabotage”.

The timing of the attacks could also be a mockery to the following:

  • Military Government – Two days back General Prayuth Chan-ocha won the referendum in favor of the new constitution which means that the military could exercise more power in the parliament which is opposed by the red-shirt party and their supporters.

general prayuth Chan-ocha

  • The timings coincides with bombings of the fatal attack of the Erawan Shrine last year August 17th. The attacks were done in the similar fashion and there could be a possibility it is done by the same group. Police is yet to investigate the bombings.

Thai police has also detained two men that could be associated with the bombings in the South.

Thai Royal Police has detained many other people but did not disclose the actual number. The police is yet to conclude if the bombings are motivated by referendum vote or domestic political sabotage to create chaos among people and destabilize the government.

The military has been ordered to tighten up the security in busy places like bus terminals, airports, markets and tourist attraction places in the South.







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