16 Year Old Virgin Becomes This Year’s Guan Yin Goddess


Nakhan Sawan, 15th September, 2016

Tassayaporn Wongsaksirikul, 16, is the Goddess winner of this year’s Guan Yin. The festival is a preparation to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The popularity of the festival is among the Thai-Chinese people who considers it sacred.

Tassayaporn Wongsaksirikul, 16, a Mathoyom 4 student will be worshiped by the entire city (Nakhon Sawan). The contest has been passed from generations and this is the 101st time. The contest is purely based on luck and faith.

The contestants are given two wooden bars and they have to throw in front of Pak Nam Pho God. The winner has to make sure twice that when the bars hit the ground, one should face up and the other face down. The third time the bars should face down. The methodology is still the same since the last 100 years due to the belief that the Goddess has chosen the winner.

Out of 20 virgins aged 16 – 20 years, 5 are selected for the final round out of which only one will be the winner. The winner will dress like a Guan Yin and will be worshiped by the entire city on Jan 30 – Jan 31st next year.






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