9 Awesome Adventure Sports to Try in Thailand


In Thailand there are numerous locations to kick back, chill out and relax, but if you love adventure sports there are many exciting options to choose from. Below are some of the most fun and adventurous sports to try in Thailand:


wakeboarding rayong

Unlike surfing, where you have to swim out and wait for the right wave to come along, with wakeboarding you have a wave at your disposal permanently, in the form of the wake from the motorboat towing you. It is kind of like waterskiing on a snowboard, where you can perform tricks whilst skimming over the water’s surface as you pass palm fringed beaches. Wakeboarding can be seriously addictive! You can learn on one of the many lakes in Thailand that offer wakeboarding lessons, such as at Lake Taco which is just outside of Bangkok, or at the Wake Up Wakeboarding tuition school based in Koh Phangan. When you feel ready to take to the open seas, there are many beaches and islands where wakeboarding is popular.


trekking in thailand

Trekking opportunities in Thailand are numerous, where you can go on organised treks which last from a few hours to a few days or to even a few weeks. If you are looking for a short trekking experience Kao Yai is home to the last remaining wild tigers in Thailand and also home to wild elephants, monkeys, deer and a perfect vacation if you are into bird spotting. Kao Yai is also only a three hour drive away from Bangkok to the north east. For longer treks there are beautiful national parks located in the north of Thailand where you can visit places like Doi Inthanon, the tallest mountain in Thailand, or alternatively visit the Tak province, home to the beautiful Ti Lor Su waterfall.


flowriding in thailand

This sport, also known as ‘flowboarding’ involves riding artificial waves in a sport that is a cross between skateboarding, bodyboarding, skimboarding, wake boarding and snowboarding. Flowriding has been gaining in popularity since the 1980s with many people now engaging in this activity as a form of fun exercise, as it works every muscle of the body.

atv ride in thailand

You can ride ‘All-Terrain Vehicles’ in Thailand as part of a tour to see the sights, or along large stretches of beach to relax and enjoy the sea breeze, or alternatively race ATVs as a sport. Just make sure that the company providing the ATV issues you with a helmet and that the brakes work. Also, make sure your mobile phone is charged up in case you run into trouble or out of gas in the wilderness.


sailing in thailand

There are many reputable sailing companies which can offer tuition in sailing, where they will hold certifications and have first aid training. Sailing lessons can be very affordable in Thailand and can quickly develop from a hobby into your life’s passion. There are consistent high winds in many offshore areas around Thailand and many islands to explore. For experienced sailors there are also many competitions and team events around Asia to participate in.

Rock Climbing

rock climbing thailand

If you want to increase your natural strength and increase your fitness levels there are many rock climbing walls in gyms, adventure parks and certain resorts around Thailand. If you have been practising or are already experienced in rock climbing there are some fantastic locations to choose from for a more challenging adventure. Krabi for example has many bolted rock climbing routes for beginners to professionals up and along the many limestone cliffs. Chiang Mai is another location where you can even combine trekking with climbing.

Scuba Diving

scuba diving in thailand

You can take scuba diving lessons, or go on day long to week long diving excursions aboard a boat with an experienced dive master, to experience crystal clear seawaters and colourful sea life. Koh Tao, Koh Kood and Chumphon are popular areas for scuba diving;  you can dive on the west and east coast of Thailand, although in the rainy season diving on the east coast is preferable, with December to April being the optimal time for the best diving experience.


adventure sports in thailand - rafting

There are many rivers to go rafting in Thailand where you’ll be issued a safety helmet and lifejacket to experience rafting over various waters with different grades of whitewater difficulty levels. Make sure the company you approach to take you down river has an experienced guide; and do ask other impartial holiday makers, expats or locals which rivers and companies offer the best experience and safety measures.


kitesurfing in thailand

Kitesurfing is quite a technical sport when compared to other waterspouts, which gives the sport yet another dimension of challenge. This sport is particularly popular in Hua Hin and Chimphorn and there are many companies that offer lessons. Kitesurfing gear can be rented out or bought from a few outlets. Compared to Europe or North America for example, kitesurfing as a sport is less expensive to take up in Thailand.

The range of sport possibilities in Thailand offers the attractive option of exploring this fascinating country dynamically, instead of statically, as in a coach tour or travelling by car for example.







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