Australian And Briton To Serve Life Sentence In Thai Jail For Possession Of Ecstasy


Mastroianni, a 26 year old from Australia and Lance Whitmore from Briton lost their appeal to serve their terms in Thai prison. Mastroianni will serve two life sentences and Lance Whitmore will serve 50 years.

Mastroianni, a DJ from Australia and Lance Whitmore, a former British soldier were arrested in Pattaya in August 2014 on possession of 61 and 200 ecstasy pills.

Mastroianni was a DJ from Sydney and used to work at the popular full moon party in Thailand. According to Sydney Morning Herald he was making his last appearance as a DJ in Pattaya’s Sapphire Night Club in May 2014. He was arrested in August 2014 (three months later) in Pattaya with his friend.

Whitmore’s sentence was halved because he pleaded guilty last year. Mastroianni would have received lesser sentence if he would have pleaded however, his previous legal advisor asked him not to according to the Guardian.

Both men could apply to be transferred to U.K and Australian jail after certain period of time. For Mastroianni the legal procedure to apply for transfer to Australia is six years whereas for Whitmore, it would be 4 years.

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