Bangkok Going After Monitor Lizards (Hia) In Lumpini Park


The Bangkok city officials to remove 400 monitor lizards from the oasis of Bangkok, the Lumpinee park. 

Monitor lizards also known as “hia” in Thai is a strong swear word. In the past monitor lizards used to steal food and people used to curse them hence a bad connotation to the word “hia”. 

Monitor lizards are protected species in Thailand, due to the soaring number in Lumpinee park the officials plan to move them to a wildlife centre in Ratchaburi. Some monitor lizards grow up to 2 to 3 meters scaring cyclists, joggers and harming the plants in the park.

Although there has been very few incidents of the lizards harming the people in the park but people are scared of them. These reptiles usually eat frogs, snakes, crocodile eggs, turtles and birds.

On Tuesday, the officials sent a team of 12 people with fishing poles, ropes and net to catch these lounging lizards. They have captured 100 lizards as of today and moved them to the wildlife centre in Ratchaburi.








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