Companies That Deliver Bottled Drinking Water To Your Home!


Bangkok is fortunate to enjoy some of the best bottled drinking water companies. To help solve out the mystery, here are the best companies in Bangkok that delivers bottled drinking water right to your home:

1. Singha

Singha is an online shop where people can sign up and order bottled water completely safe for drinking and has it delivered right to your home. Besides that, on their website there are plenty of other products that you might like so check it out.


2. Sprinkle

Sprinkle unlike other bottled water companies is strictly dedicated to delivering drinking water right to your home. Take a look at their product types and decide whether they are perfect to get your monthly subscription. Sprinkle, drinking water-inspiring life!


3. Chang

A well known Thai brand is also part of the best companies in Bangkok that provide drinking water delivery. Chang has made strong efforts to improve their quality to perfection and give their customers the best of the best.


4. Avitez


Avitez is only dedicated to mineral water and the best thing about them is that they are Asia’s first all natural bottled water 100 % made from plants which means that it is completely eco-friendly. They also take online orders and delivers to your home.


5. Nestle Pure Life Delivery

Nestle offers drinking water services in Thailand in home and office. For different choices and promotions check out their website. Services are available in Greater Bangkok and Pattaya area.






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