Register Your Sim or Lose Your Licence


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) has warned operators that no more warnings will be issued to mobile operators if a Sim is not registered with personal information of the person.

According to Bangkok Post the secretary general of NBTC said that the mobile operators licence would be revoked immediately if a Sim is not registered. The regulators made this a mandatory process last year but there has been a number of incidents where mobile operators were selling mobile phones with no personal information to the Sim.

The recent changes have been made to better cope up with the bombings in Thailand. The decision was made yesterday during the meeting between the NBTC commissioners, mobile operators and mobile virtual network operators.

After police’s investigation there were 36 numbers involved with the bombings out of which 33 of them were purchased via Lazada the e-commerce giant of Thailand using foot photos registration.






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