Understand Thai Culture Better, Interview With Sam From Thai-Culture-Guide.com


I was born in Chiang Mai, in the northern part of Thailand and grew up within Thai society. I travel a lot and lived for some time in the US, and most of my friends are foreigners or have foreigners as partners.

Basically, I have quite a bit of experience with both cultures and realized there are massive differences that lead to a lot of misunderstandings on both sides. For instance, the difference between when you wai (greeting) to a younger person and a monk or when you’ve been invited over to your Thai girlfriends house for dinner. Thai Culture Guide was launched in the hope that people can understand each other better, whether that is for daily social interactions if you are on vacation or whether you have decided to make Thailand your home and have a Thai partner or friends.

In the members area, each lesson includes an explanation of a different aspect of Thai culture. In most lessons there is a scenario and possible reactions to that situation with tips and facts to help with your understanding of the culture. And each reaction is commented on, informing you of the correct or incorrect way of doing things. Check out

Lesson 1 : Smile and blog posts in the blog page that you can access for free!.

We also have video interviews that support some of the lessons. In the videos, people are giving their own opinions to a wide range of subjects, such as dating in Thailand and how to show good manners.

Thai Culture Guide is a new concept that we plan to work on for years to come, so expect more and more content to be added, mostly in video format. We’re open for visitors to suggest who we should interview, topics and problems that they may experience, and help provide guidelines for foreigners in Thailand.

The website is simple and easy to navigate and is full of useful information on Thai culture, you will definitely learn something new. Check out the lessons one by one or just search for the content that interest you most.

People can learn about the culture on the website or they can download an ebook version and learn on the go. A lifetime membership costs $19 for the Thai Culture Guide Pro package which gives you access to all 49 lessons and other content.

This new and unique guide to Thailand is useful resource both to newcomers and expats alike.






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