Aussie Walking From Samui to Bangkok for The Late King


Aussies are known for drinking beer while wearing singlets and thongs but this time it Michael Hammill plans to change that.

The 46 year old plans to walk all the way from Koh Samui to Bangkok to pay respect and homage to The Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Micheal is on a three month holiday in the beautiful Koh Samui and after hearing the news decided to pay respect in his own style.

The tourist plans to walk almost 50 km everyday to reach his destination – the Grand Palace where he plans to sign his condolence message to The Late King. The tourist is wearing a black sports outfit and carrying The Late King’s portrait which says “Walk for King”.

Drivers seen him has offered rides but he has refused. If Michael sticks to this pace he would reach the Grand Palace on Wednesday next week.


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