Bangkok’s All Day Tattoo Studio Improves The Standard Of Tattoo Quality In The City


For those looking for great tattoo artwork in Bangkok, they should look no further than All Day Tattoo. In the last 20 years, tattoos have taken off in the mainstream. What was once something that had its own subculture and was considered underground, is now one of the biggest cosmetic alterations someone can make to their body.
From Hollywood celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to sports stars like Lionel Messi, tattoos have become part of the modern world.

The artists at All Day Tattoo are expertly trained and offer customers a completely hygienic studio. All Day Tattoo prides itself on its artists’ quality and customers can get the perfect ink that will help them express themselves even more.

Sick ink

The tattoo studios’ website is a perfect place for customers to start. There, a client can find out more about what kind of tattoos the studio offers. A look through recent artwork produced by the guys and girls at All Day Tattoo shows a variety of designs. Previous customers have got some seriously sick ink with traditional Thai art designs, Asian inspired drawings and more traditional tattoo creations.

Artists at All Day Tattoo can create a tattoo using UV ink. The unique ink is virtually unseen in regular sunlight. However, once a black light is shown on the skin, the tattoo comes to life.

The studio’s brilliant tattoo offerings can be seen on their “latest artwork” page, giving potential clients an idea of what their tattoo will look like.

Consultation with experts

If someone is not quite sure what tattoo they want, All Day Tattoo offers clients the chance to book in a consultation. Consultations are 30 minute time slots that allow customers to ask the tattoo artist about a possible design, price or procedure.

Once an artist and client meet for a consultation, a tattoo appointment can be booked in. After meeting the All Day Tattoo artists, it will not be long until a client has the tattoo they have always wanted.

For those looking to make an appointment right away, All Day Tattoo can be contacted via email, Facebook or by telephone (098-381-4364).

Cover up or tattoo fixes

All Day Tattoo not only offers custom artwork designs, but the studio can cover up or fix a tattoo mistake. In most cases, clients can have a bad tattoo covered up with something new and exciting. In addition, the group can modify something that was not finished or was of poor quality.

The artists at All Day Tattoo can also re-outline or add colour to a tattoo that has faded over time.

Prices at All Day Tattoo vary depending on the time it will take to ink it and the size. Contacting the studio is the best way someone interested in getting a tattoo can find out how to get it.






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