Current Government Say “Free Hugs” Un-Thai Behavior


A man offered free hugs to mourners after the passing of The Late king which turned out to have positive impact however, when the same was done by a woman, the man Teerawat Pinpanichkorn, was forced to apologize and the military condemned it as un-Thai behavior.

The man started giving free hugs to people 3 days after the passing of The Late King until Sunday. He was joined by a woman for few minutes who did the same and created a buzz among netizens expressing their views on a lady doing it.

In Thailand, a woman doing such bold act is considered as sexual according to Government spokesperson Col. Piyapong Klinpan.

Teerawat mentioned that he did not have any interior motives to this and wanted to spread the love taught by The Late King.

However, the current government ways of spreading love at this mourning period is by offering free food and helping people and not holding signs of “free hugs”.

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