Dog Became Famous After Licking Snacks & Food Items In A 7-Eleven In Sathorn


A story on Pantip was titled “I will never buy anything from bottom shelves at 7-Eleven” became viral. A dog in 7-Eleven was sniffing and licking food items and snacks on the bottom shelves.

The story and a picture was posted on the famous Thai website Pantip. Some people are angry on the negligence of 7-Eleven staff and some are frustrated by a yet another incident of a dog causing problem due to negligence.

According to Pantip the dog sniffed and licked eggs, snacks on the bottom shelves and its wagging tail caused food items to fall off the shelves adding insult to the injury.

The dog owner apologized to the 7-Eleven staff after seeing the images on social media.

The 7-Eleven store said that all food items on the shelves were thrown out and the store was cleaned.







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