Heavy Rain This Month In Bangkok, Experts Say “Unlikely To Repeat 2011 Flooding Damage”


The Bangkok Metropilian Administration (BMA) is making prepartions widespread flooding all coinciding this month.

According to Bangkok Post, Chirapol Sintunawa, a professor at Mahidol University’s Environment & Resource Study facility said “it is unlikely to be as bad as 2011”.

Worst areas that could be affected are the low lying areas in Bangkok, areas close to Chao Phraya river that are not protected by flood walls.

Ayutthaya Governor Sujin Chaichumsak has asked the irrigation authority to divert the water to the paddy fields of Ayutthaya. Water run-off from Northern Thailand exit through Chao phraya and Noi rivers.

Pathumthani also plans to divert 7 million cubic meters of water into Rama IX reservoir which has a total capacity of 33 million cubic meters of water.

The experts however believes that flooding damage is unlikely to be similar to 2011 flooding which raised many question on drainage system of Thailand especially Bangkok.

Meanwhile, there is a storm expecting to develop in Vietnam which is expected to reach Thailand next month.


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