NBTC Wants Social Media Websites to Block Content Insulting Monarch


The National Telecom and Broadcasting (NBTC) on Monday requested cooperation from the popular social media websites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Line to block content or users trying to insult the monarch.

The NBTC has a team of dozen people tracking all the content and users trying to insult the monarch according to Bangkok Post.

This is not the first time the social media giants have been asked to remove the content or users….however, it has been ignored by the companies as the servers are not in Thailand.

Mr. Takorn the secretary general of NBTC said that posting comments insulting the monarch is against Thai laws especially because people do to propagate fake news and false information damaging the prestige of The Late King and The Royal Family.

They NBTC team also plans to send the list of 120 URLs to the social media websites to remove the content and block to further harm the Royal family’s prestige with false propaganda.






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