No more bogus volunteers & photo opportunities for fake mourners


The regime has requested people to behave appropriately at Sanam Luang while paying homage to The Late King.

According to Bangkok Post the government has warned people who come only for photo opportunities and for free meal.

The officials has noticed that some street vendors line to get free meal and then re-sell it to others. On the other hand, police has received numerous complaints from people who have been deceived by motorbike taxis who lied to give them free rides according to Bangkok Post.

The city officials are keeping a close eye to maintain law and order and has set up a joint command at Sanam Luang. A number of security cameras will also be installed around the area to keep track of things.

Mr. Suwaphan from the Prime Minister’s office advised people to stop behaving in this manner as it is a deep sorrow for the nation and should behave appropriately in order show love to The Late King.

Going forward, the officials announced that all volunteer workers need to register to avoid further problems for mourners.


Bangkok Post






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