Reservations Open for Stylish New Long Distance Trains in Thailand


Four new long-haul routes will be started on Nov 11 by the State Railways of Thailand. Bangkok-Chiang Mai and Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani routes will be started on Nov 11 and the other two routes Bangkok-Nong Khai and Bangkok-Hat Yai will start after one month on December 2.

The SRT purchased 115 carriages from China which included 9 first-class cars, 88 second-class carriages and 9 cars for people with disability. The first-class cars are of course the most luxurious costing between THB 1,100 to THB 1,550. The train also has English speaking conductors expecting foreign travelers and expats.

The passengers in the first-class will have a private room with two bunk beds, personal video screen and USB charger. The second-class sleeper has four TV-screens and the cost is between THB 731 to THB 950.

The SRT expects to carry 1 million passengers a year increasing its annual revenue by 15%.


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