Roadside Vendors Removed….Sidewalks Appear Bigger And Wider


Roadside market / vendors in Siam, Silom and Sukhumvit area have been shut down by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

The BMA has tried to shut down the Siam and other markets since 2010 however, they have failed to do so. This time the officials have taken some strong actions against the vendors. People officers were seen on the roadside area of Sukhumvit, Silom and Siam to ensure no vendors are selling….and the results were phenomenal.


Siam Square market has been in question since 2010 but the vendors always escaped because of the organized crime which runs it.

The steps taken by the city officials has surely upset many people who go there everyday for a bite or shopping. Some people love Bangkok because of the crowded streets where they have to stroll from one stall to another. The path becomes impassable at times due to the popularity of the stall.

Other believe that it is in fact a positive thing that sidewalks could be used for the purpose of walking. But it surely misses what Bangkok is all about!

The street vendors will be relocated to another area under Phong Phra Ram expressway however it is still not finalized.







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