Serving Food at Sanam Luang in Polystyrene Foam Worrisome for Environmentalists


City cleaners are having a tough time disposing Polystyrene foam at Sanam Luang.  Mourners are offered free food at Sanam Luang which has left boxes abandoned on the ground. Everyday around 80,000 people go to Sanam Luang to pay homage to The Late King.

On Saturday the volume of garbage reached up to 170 tonnes which is more than 2.5 times on a normal day at Sanam Luang which is already disposing 66 tonnes everyday.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok Winwilai requested people to re-use water bottles and not throw them away after finishing water.

Mourners are also urged to take their trash back home in order to keep Sanam Luang clean. The amount of garbage left over by mourners has caused tremendous work for Volunteers and city workers.

According to Bangkok post report around 100,000 polystyrene foams are being left over at Sanam Luang along with plastic water bottles causing headache for the city cleaners and volunteers.





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