Spartan Race Series Heads To Thailand


The Spartan Race series is headed to Thailand, with the obstacle-filled race to take place in Bangkok. Although an official date has not been released by Spartan Race Inc., there is already a major buzz about the race’s arrival.

According to the organisation’s website, Thailand’s first event will be a three to five mile (4.8 to 8.04 kilometre) Spartan Sprint race. The Spartan Race will also feature over 20 thrilling obstacles that will challenge the contestants’ strength and stamina.

The Spartan Race Thailand Facebook Page heavily promotes the anticipated event on their social media platform with a plethora of inspirational quotes, food and nutrition, as well as training videos, drawing interest from both locals and expatriates alike.


For those new to the Spartan Race series, the competition first began in 2010. Since then, the series has gone from strength to strength, has seen over 1 million participants in over 25 countries and has been featured on major television networks in the United States.

The series features four types of races Sprint, Super and Beast, all with their own distance and obstacles. The Spartan Sprint, which is the first race of the Spartan Series to hit Thailand, is considered an introduction to Spartan races, and should leave those that participate hungry for more.

The Super Spartan is more than eight miles and features at least 25 obstacles. The Spartan Beast is over a half marathon with 30 obstacles. Meanwhile, the Ultra Beast is over a marathon in distance with 60-plus obstacles. The varying distance of the Spartan Race series makes them an extreme test. The goal is to complete the Sprint Super and Beast within one calendar year to achieve the coveted Spartan Trifecta.

Spartan race isn’t just about running, but it gets people climbing, rolling, jumping just like we were born to do.


Visit the Spartan Race Thailand Facebook page to pre–register and be the first to receive more information about the upcoming race.


With the race series’ popularity, there are a variety of websites, magazines, blogs, podcast and books with information and pointers for the race. Visit for training tips on how to get Spartan Ready for a Spartan Race.

The Spartan Sprint in Thailand should be one of the group’s best events to grace Asia. It will be a true test of will once the horn sounds and the competition begins.





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