Anti-Depressant Pills Found in Namzom Zomy’s Car


Net Idol Namzom Zomy responsible for crashing her BMW sedan during a major car crash in Ratchadaphisek road had possession of anti-depressant pills in her car.

The businesswoman crashed into nine cars during the rush hour at Ratchdaphisek road according to Bangkok Post.

According to the police report Ms. Kritrada has no previous history of psychological treatments however, police needs to investigate the situation more as she could be on anti-depressant pills prescribed by a hospital.

The side-effects includes drowsiness which could have been the cause of the accident. According to the sources Ms. Kritrada is a co-owner of a beauty product and recently other co-partners have withdrawn their shares from the business putting her under pressure.

She was taken to Huay Kwang police station after the accident where she didn’t answer any question and requested to go the the bathroom. After being away for so long in the toilet the police checked on her and found that she was unconscious.

The police took her to a hospital for drug or alcohol test but before the tests could release her mother transferred her to a hospital in Ratchaburi.

Police is still investigating the issue and will conclude on any punishments against her.






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