More Car Drama: Belgian Assaulted by Mercedes Driver from Road Rage


Following the infamous Mini Cooper incident, a video of another car accident has been gaining attention on Thai social media. The video captures an angry Mercedes driver aggressively assaulting another driver, who appears to be a foreigner, for what is believed to be excessive road rage.

Reports claim that the victim of the assault, later found to be a 68 years-old Belgian expat, together with his 38 years-old wife have filed a police report over the incident at a police station in Rayong Province. The wife gave an interview to several news outlets detailing what went down in the video. She explained that the confrontation happened on the morning of November 9th, while her and her husband were on their way to drop off their children at school. The Mercedes driver was apparently upset after her husband cut him off at a previous intersection and decided to pursue them to the next intersection. Seeing this, her husband decided to pull over and walk towards the Mercedes with the intention to talk, but the other driver simply opened the door and assaulted him without any words then drove away.

Regarding the case, the police explained that the Mercedes driver has acknowledged the report, and the case will be solved accordingly to law.






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