Eat Like a Thai: 6 Street Snacks to Try in Thailand


Ever wonder what those things are? Those things Thai locals crowd the food vendor for? Check our our list of traditional Thai street snacks foreigners might not know about! These delicacies are guaranteed to make your mouth water just by thinking about them. Plus, they are usually priced at 20-30 Baht or less so you will definitely get your money’s worth



A ball-shaped snack made out of coconut cream and other deliciousness, often sprinkled with corn, taro, or both. Ka-nhom-krok is one of the most common Thai traditional dessert. Its appearance resembles that of Japanese Takoyaki yet tastes nothing like it. The coconut base gives it a sweet yet savory taste that is perfectly balanced out by corn or taro sprinkled on top.



Similar to Ka-Nhom-Krok, Ka-Nhom-Tuai is also a traditional Thai dessert made from coconut cream. Other than at food stands, you might also see these delicacies at some boat noodle joints. The sweet taste of Ka-Nhom-Tuai comes from its sweet jelly-like base which is balanced out by a slightly salty coconut cream on top. Traditionally, Ka-Nhom-Tuai is served in cups but you can now often find them in plastic boxes.



Often referred to as Thai crepe, this common snack is made from rice flour and somewhat resembles a taco shell. The base is often topped with coconut cream, then sprinkled with sweet or savory toppings. Compared to crepe, Ka-Nhom-Bueng flour is crispier and much sweeter. This sweetness is balanced out by the slightly salty coconut filling.



The concept of having rice as dessert/snack might still be odd to some, but it’s definitely worth a try. Kao-Tom-Mud is basically sweet sticky rice with different fillings including bananas and beans. This snack is wrapped in banana leaf then steamed until cooked. It is commonly found at street vendors around Bangkok.



Literally translated to “quail egg”, this snack is actually made from potato and doesn’t have any eggs in it. The potato dough is slightly sweetened then deep fried without any fillings. Kai-Nok-Krata dates back hundreds of years since Bangkok was still Siam. This snack is best served hot.

Deep-Fried Bananas/Sweet Potatoes


Deep-fried anything is good, but nothing beats deep-fried bananas and sweet potatoes. Bananas/sweet potatoes are wrapped in flour dough and sesame then deep-fried until golden brown. Different types of bananas/sweet potatoes give different levels of sweetness. Nonetheless, the perfect balance between its crispy exterior and sweet interior makes this snack very popular among both children and adults alike.


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