Government Will Hand Out Cash to People Earning Less Than THB 100K / Year


One of the welfare scheme of the Thai government is to support the poor and they plan to hand out 10 billion baht in cash to farmers and people earning less than THB 100,000 in a year as a New Year gift.

According to Bangkok Post, people earning less than THB 30,000 a year will get THB 3,000 and earnings between THB 30,000 to THB 100,000 will receive THB 1,500 gift.

The money would be handed out to people who are registered within the government E-payment database earning less than THB 100,000 baht which at present stands out to be 8 million people out of which 3 million are farmers.

The government believes this will be a boost to the purchasing power of people thereby helping the economy.




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