Locals’ Top Picks: 4 Food Vendors You Must Try in Bangkok


Over recent years, Thai food has become one of the most popular cuisine in the world. Thai restaurants can now be found in many metropolitan cities abroad, packed with foreigners enjoying their Pad Thai. However, those who came to Bangkok in search of authentic Pad Thais soon realize Pad Thai is just the start. Instead of Pad Thai stands in Khaosan, why not be adventurous and check out these top 4 food vendors Thai locals swear by? Check out our list of locals’ favorite vendors you must not miss in Bangkok!

“Nakorn Sanook” Original BBQ Pork on Rice


“Kao-Moo-Dang” literally translates to red pork rice is one of the most common “fast dish” in Thailand. This vendor, however, sets themselves apart with homemade secret recipe sauce and crispy pork belly that has just the right amount of crispiness. Located on the side of the street in one of Bangkok’s many allies, Nakorn Sanook has been opened for years. The dish is served with a side of barely-cooked eggs and fried Chinese sausage, and garnished with black pepper.

Location: The side of Luang Rd., close to Klang hospital just before WongJak intersection.
Hours: Daily except last Sunday of the month, 7am – 2pm.
Tel: 02 222 2864, 081 770 6850

“Aroi Ded” Toast in Yaowarat


Although considered breakfast food in Western countries, toast is a popular snack in Thailand. Full name “Kanom-Pang-Jao-Aroi-Ded Yaowarat” literally translates to the most delicious toast in Yaowarat, this vendor is not to be missed in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Toasts will be toasted to order; crispy, soft, or in-between with crispy exterior and soft interior. Customers can also choose their own toppings ranging from butter and condensed milk to Pandan custard.

Location: Across from Soi Texas.
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 7pm – Midnight
Tel: N/A

Jek Pui’s Musical Chair


Dubbed “musical chair vendor”, this simple vendor on the side of the road is always extremely busy with chairs that are never empty. Crowds of Thais surrounding the small food vendor is a common sight to Mangkon Kamalawat Temple visitors. Opened for years, this vendor offers at least ten choices of entrees daily. Menus often rotate, but locals’ favorites include beef curry and chicken wings marinated in alcohol.

Location: Soi entrance on Mangkon rd. next to Kamalawat temple
Hours: Daily, 4pm – 7pm
Tel: 02 222 5229, 081 854 7110

“Molain” Fried Bananas


Deep-fried anything is good, but deep fried bananas is probably the best street food you’ll ever have. The naturally sweet Indonesian banana is wrapped with black sesame and flour dough then deep fried until golden brown. This particular vendor’s fried bananas are just so perfectly fried that biting through the outer layer and tasting the sweet banana underneath reminds you of freshly baked cookies.

Location: Next to 7/11 at BTS Chong Nonsri
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10.30am – 6pm
Tel: 089 580 7275, 087 062 4828


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