LOLs: “Magic Mushroom” Brings Luck and Fortune


For those of us who grew up in Western countries, Thai superstition may seem a bit strange yet fascinating. Miniature houses in front of buildings/residences are a common sight around Thailand. Certain temples and trees are considered more “legitimate” than others in terms of their spiritual and magical powers. The latest local sensation, however, is none other than a “spiritual/magic mushroom.”

On the 2nd of November, a local community in Nakorn Ratchasrima province gathered around a tamarind tree on the side of the street, tying cloths around it, signifying worship and respect. This particular tamarind tree garnered attention for a small mushroom that grew on it, whose shape locals claim resemble that of a monk. They believe that the mushroom is the reincarnation of a well-respected monk who passed away seven years prior, and is now back to bless them with luck and fortune; in the form of lottery numbers.

Several locals claimed to have received “hints” from the magic mushroom, predicting the winning lottery numbers to be 756. After the latest winning numbers were revealed to be 57, more locals have shown up to the tree, increasingly believe in the power of the monk-shaped mushroom. They then tied 7 different colors cloths around the tree, hoping that this magical fungus would give them more hints for the next 7 rounds.







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