Mini Cooper Drama Continues: Thai PM Comments


The infamous Mini Cooper incident continues to make headlines on various Thai news outlets and social media, taking the drama to a whole new level with new characters introduced. A quick recap for those who missed it; a minor car accident involving a celebrity and his Mini Cooper quickly became the talk of the town after a video clip of the incident was shared online, showing the celebrity assaulting the motorcyclist who hit his car then forcing him to “Waii” his Mini Cooper. The phrase “Kraab-Lod-Gu”(Waii/Respect my car) instantly became viral on social media, with Thai internet users parodying the incident in various ways in criticisms of the celebrity’s excessive actions.

What initially appears to be a personal dispute between two parties, however, quickly escalated as it gains more and more public attention. The police has now issued two warrants summoning the celebrity for assault and for violating another person’s rights by forcing him/her to act against their wish. It is also revealed that the motorcyclist in the accident recently received surgery for his nose injuries resulting from the altercation, but has yet to make a comment regarding the incident.

Furthermore, several important public figures have publicly commented on the incident as well. The secretary of Thailand’s Lawyers Council issued statements suggesting that the celebrity could be prosecuted for several different charges based on his actions, and that his lawyer (rumored to be the father of the celebrity’s girlfriend) can potentially be faced with charges himself if found to be negatively influencing his client. Prayuth Chan-ocha, prime minister of Thailand, also commented on the incident condemning the celebrity as a bad role model and warning him that he must face charges for his behaviors.




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