Mini Cooper Drama Continues to Trend on Thai Social Media


Following the car accident between a Thai celebrity and a motorcyclist mentioned in our previous post, Thai social media is now abuzz with trending hashtags and internet memes referencing the incident, majority of which are mocking the celebrity involved. To recap, a motorcyclist was slapped and forced to “waii” the celebrity’s Mini Cooper after a minor accident. The whole ordeal was then captured on video by a passerby and posted on social media, garnering criticisms of internet users for the celebrity’s excessive behavior. The television host was so heavily criticized that his agency issued a statement condemning his actions, and announced indefinite contract termination for all his shows. Furthermore, the phrase “Kraab-Lod-Kru” rougly translated to “Waii (respect) my car” became a trending hashtag on various social media sites, prompting several parodies of people “waii-ing” their cars and even t-shirts are being made with the phrase printed on.

In response, several other Thai celebrities have voiced their opinions on the issue, most of which condemned the incident. The minority of those who did show support for the Mini Cooper’s owner were met with criticisms themselves, and soon deleted their posts.



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