When Things Get Weird: Thailand Edition


Traveling to a new country is definitely a fulfilling experience. Besides sightseeing and doing touristy activities, immersing yourself in the new cultures can be life-changing. However, there must be times when you might find yourself extremely perplexed by what the locals do. Following are some of the things in Thailand that make us very fascinated yet confused.

Soda in Bag


This is actually genius. You can eat with both hands while also holding your drink. Try hanging them on motorbikes’ handles in case you get thirsty while you drive.

Bucket = Toilet Paper


Usually found at gas stations and rural areas. Professional aiming experience required in order to avoid drenched clothes. Up for a challenge? Try the ones with holes.

Accidents = Traffic Jam


Car accidents are one of the biggest causes of traffic jams here. When accidents happen, Thais are advised not to move out of the way or pull over until insurance companies and police authorities arrive.

Bus Wallet


If you ever take the bus, you’ll notice that there’s a staff whose job is to walk around the bus collecting fares. This person walks around with a round metal tube box, where the money is kept.

Car Accessories


Taking car decoration to a whole new level.

Drug Arrests Artwork


Ever noticed how drug arrests shown on the news always consist of some sort of photo-op? Furthermore, the drugs confiscated are arranged into the Thai words “Ya-Baa” meaning amphetamines. The real question is, who arranged those letters?!

Criminals or Actors?


According to Thai law, after a suspect confesses to a crime he/she will be brought to a crime scene to go through a “role-play” where they act out what happened. This is often accompanied by audiences who are usually angry and attempt to attack the criminals during role-play.


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