Treat Yourself: 6 Night Markets in Bangkok

Treat Yourself- 6 Night Markets in Bangkok

Talat-Nat, roughly translates to flea market, is a popular attraction to both tourists and locals alike. Here you’ll find all kinds of products ranging from hand painted shirts to second popular street snacks. Here are 6 of Bangkok’s most popular night markets for those looking for a new kind of night out!

Talat-Nat-Hua-Moom (Corner of Market & More)


Located on the intersection of Kaset Nawamin Rd. and Liab Duan Ramintra Rd., this night market is the most recent addition to Bangkok’s night market scene. It is directly across from ‘The Walk’ mall. A close distance from the famous Liab Duan Night Market, this corner spot is a perfect alternative on busy days where parking at Liab Duan is just impossible. Food and drink options are comparable to Liab Duan, but it is way less crowded. Opens daily from 5pm to midnight.

Liab Duan Night Market


As mentioned earlier, Liab Duan Night Market is probably one of the more known ones in Bangkok, and rightfully so. Despite being opened for only a couple of years, Liab Duan NM is extremely popular as it offers everything you can think of. Second-hand shops, local brands, homemade food, and even furnitures are all available here. They have both indoor and outdoor section, so worry not about those rainy days! They’ve got you covered (literally). Opens daily from 5pm to 2am.

Talat-Nat-Rod-Fai (Train Night Market Esplanade)


Another popular market, Train NM is located in Ratchada behind Esplanade mall. Its location makes it a popular hangout spot for those who work in the area. Besides clothes and jewelries, snack vendors here are a must-try! Opens Thursday – Sunday, 5pm to 1am.

JJ Green Market


A unique spot for those into vintage and classic goods, JJ Green market is easily accessible through MRT and BTS. Its highlights include handmade collective goods and vintage furniture. They even offer classic cars and car parts from renowned brands like Mercedes, Volkswagen, and BMW. Friday – Sunday, 5pm to midnight.

Talat-Nat-Rod Fai (Train Night Market Sri-Nakarin)


This ‘train market’ is different from the one mentioned above although they share the same name. This hangout spot on Sri-Nakarin rd. is especially known for its vintage furnitures and other collectibles. This market is located behind Seacon Square Mall. Opens Wednesday, Friday – Sunday; 5pm to midnight.

Saphan-Phuth Market


Considered the legend of Thai night market, Saphan Phuth NM is one of Bangkok’s oldest. Offers wide selection of clothing, ranging from hand-painted shirts to jeans. Parking lot available around Pak Klong Talad. Opens Tuesday – Sunday, 6pm – 1am.


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