Bangkok Nightlife


Most travellers characterise Bangkok nightlife as fun, out of control and non-stop. From the all-night bars to the various forms of Bangkok nightlife entertainment, the Thai city is known globally for its anything goes reputation.
But where do you go to find excitement in the city after dark?

Bars and nightclubs

If you are heading to Bangkok and want to hit the best bars and nightclubs during your trip, it won’t be easy. The city has so many good Bangkok nightlife spots, that you can get lost in the atmosphere of almost any venue. There are some great spots to make sure you stop off at, however. Opened in 2013, Maggie Choo’s has become the most talked about bar in Bangkok. The bar’s 1930’s Shanghai décor is unique, and gives the bar a retro feel. It is perfect for a few drinks or an all-nighter.

Open until 2:00 am, customers can enjoy the bar’s private booths set in the old East India Company’s bank vaults. It is truly a unique Bangkok nightlife bar experience.

Another of Bangkok’s great nightlife venues is Cloud 47. While it may look like just another Bangkok rooftop bar, it is anything but another drinking establishment.

Cloud 47 boasts a large seating area, big-screen television for sports and laidback atmosphere. Moreover, Cloud 47 doesn’t have a dress code like so many swanky Bangkok nightlife hotspots.

M88 Thailand Casino

Thailand does not have any brick and mortar casinos. However, online casinos have become a big hit in the country.
If you want to have a good time and do some gambling, there is no better place than at M88 Thailand Casino.

The great thing about the M88 Thailand Casino is it prepares players to play real life casino games. Whether you are looking for roulette, blackjack or slots, the M88 Thailand Casino can provide fun and excitement.

The casino also offers more popular Thai casino games such as Hi Lo and other Thai card games. Players at M88 Thailand Casino can play a variety of other games, too. Many of these feature new gambling concepts.

In addition, players can enjoy sports betting through the online gambling portal.

As one of Thailand’s most reputable and regulated online casinos, M88 Thailand Casino offers great games and payouts.

Bangkok Katoey Show

Thailand’s Katoey, or ladyboys, are revered for their beauty around the world. People from all over flock to Bangkok just to see a ladyboy show and many of them do not disappoint. Katoey are an accepted part of Thai culture and some have even been famous men before having genital reassignment surgery. Former championship Thai kickboxer Nong Toom is now the most famous ladyboy in all of Thailand.

Catching a ladyboy show will give you the perfect taste of Bangkok nightlife when out and about in the city that truly never sleeps.

Bangkok nightlife is unforgettable. If you are heading out to experience Bangkok nightlife, there is no reason to miss out on the fun.


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