Eat Like a Thai: Best Thai Snacks (and Munchies)


Tom Yums and Pad Thais are for newbies. Veteran expats living in Thailand will all agree that the world of Thai cuisine extends far more than just savory dishes. Specifically, Thai crispy snacks popular with locals are often overlooked by tourists. Check out our list of Thai snacks you might have yet to try, but are guaranteed to satisfy when you get the munchies.

1. Coconut Chips

bliss coconut chipsbliss coconut chips2

Coconut chips bring together the best of both worlds. The best thing about living in a tropical country is that coconuts are everywhere. Although fresh coconuts are nice, it’s no good after a couple of days. Subsequently, the Thais came up with a perfect solution: Coconut Chips. Like potato chips, coconut chips are lightly seasoned with salt yet its natural sweetness distinguishes it from its counterpart. The creamy texture combined with the perfect amount of crispiness makes this snack first on our list.

Hence, if you’re looking for new snacks to try be sure to check out our favorite coconut chips brand, Bliss. In addition to getting the seasoning just right, Bliss uses all natural and organic ingredients. Plus, their products are very reasonably priced for what they are worth! Visit their Facebook page for more information and for ways to enjoy your coconut chips (breakfast bowl, anyone?). You can thank us later 😉

bliss bowl2bliss smoothie bowl

2. Sweet Peanut Bar

peanut barpeanut bar2

Sweet peanut bar is a perfect blend between savory and sweet. Peanuts are mixed with white sesame and glucose syrup, then seasoned with salt for this chewy snack. Commonly found at markets, this snack is popular with locals and tourists alike. Prices range from 50-120 THB for a small box depending on packaging. These also make a perfect souvenir for families back home since they don’t contain fruits and are usually allowed through customs!

3. Rolled Crackers

rolled cracker2rolled cracker

Rolled crackers, known as Thong Muan in Thai, is an extremely popular souvenirs from Petchaburi province. Now a days, however, these are quite common everywhere throughout Thailand. As opposed to Western crackers, however, Thai rolled crackers are flour-based. Tapioca flour is mixed with coconut milk, sugar, eggs, salt, and black sesame. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these are the perfect snacks for your afternoon tea!

4. Scrambled Banana Candy

banana candy2banana candy

Although not exactly appetizing in color, this chewy candy is definitely worth a taste. Bananas, coconuts, and sugar are stirred together in a giant pot for hours in order to make this snack. The naturally sweet taste of bananas are enhanced with a little bit of sugar, yet the subtle creamy texture of coconuts add a perfect balance. Thus, if you want to try a truly traditional Thai candy, be sure to give this chewy candy a try!

5. Sweet Taro Fries

fried taro2fried taro

It’s like French Fries, but slightly less unhealthy. Instead of potatoes, taros are finely cut then deep fried in vegetable oil then seasoned with salt and sugar. The texture of fried taros is thicker but softer compared to potatoes. Be warned though, that once you start munching you won’t be able to stop!


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