Eat Like a Thai: Herbal Drinks


If you’ve been to a local Thai restaurant, you might notice that Thais often order colorful drinks with their meals. Traditional herbal drinks are very popular in Thailand. Different herbs have varying health benefits. Below are some of the most popular herbal drinks, in case you want to substitute water or soda for something more adventurous!



Chrysanthemum tea is popular in many Asian countries. Thai chrysanthemum drink usually adds syrup as a sweetener. Health benefits include re-hydration, improved digestion, and even alleviation of sinus infection.



A flower native to West Africa, Roselle is red in color and is high in fiber. This bright-colored drink is a perfect refresher. Thais usually mix in some other fruit juice for a sweeter taste. Like chrysanthemum, roselle helps with digestion and rehydration as well. Try this drink next time you have a cold! Thais believe that roselle helps alleviate mucus congestion.



This drink is extremely popular with Thais despite its unappealing color. Asiatic is high in vitamin a and calcium. This is the ultimate refresher for the hot weather in Thailand, and also a diuretic herb. Again, as with every other traditional drinks, Thais often add syrup for extra sweetness.

Sweet Pea-Lemonade


Sweet pea flower is a common ingredient in many Thai traditional dessert, used for its natural coloring. This drink is usually mixed with honey and lemonade for taste, instead of sugar or syrup. This drink is said to be good for your immune system and liver. Perfect for the morning after a night out!



This greenish plant is not only known for its aromatic scents, but for its health benefits as well. Lemongrass is incredibly high in calcium and phosphorus, both of which strengthen your bones. It is also good for indigestion, asthma, and high blood pressure as well. As opposed to white sugar, lemongrass drink is often sweetened with brown sugar. Somewhat healthier, I guess?

Let us know if you have tried any of these, or feel free to share your other favorite herbal drinks!



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