Gang Busted: Counterfeit Dollars Seized


Thailand has been an epicenter of counterfeit dollars recently after the US treasury found out multiple sources of counterfeit notes coming from Thailand. In September police raided a house where they found fake dollars and other currencies.

Thai police with the help of US secret service seized $150,000 worth of money and arrested 5 people. The arrest lead to the investigation of the source to a gang in Bangkapi.

The undercover police posed as a buyer for 10,000, $100 bank notes for THB 1,100 each. The CSD caught two members of the gang while they were delivering the bank notes to the undercover officer.

The suspects confessed receiving fake notes from Mr. Natchapattapong, a lecturer in the vocational college in Nakhon Ratchasima. Police asked the men to buy more bank notes from Mr. Natchapattapong who was later caught in Wang Thonglang with 1132 bank notes of $100 each.

Mr. Natchapattapong acted as a middlemen and liaised between the foreign and the local suppliers to close a deal.



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