Money CAN buy happiness—i.e. pancakes!

Money = Pancakes = Happiness

Good news for those in pursuit of happiness. Remember eating plain o’pancakes as a child, while thinking to yourself that you would much rather have those fancy Mickey Mouse-shaped ones? Well it gets better than that! We recently discovered Slappy Cakes Thailand where all your childhood dreams can come true.

Originated from the ultimate hipster town of Portland, Slappy Cakes now brings the goodies all the way to Bangkok. All tables are equipped with built-in pans, allowing diners to make their own pancakes right at the table. The batch is made from scratch daily, so freshness is always guaranteed! You can now attempt to make your own pancake masterpiece as seen on various social media. Check out some of these for inspirations:


Photos from TigerTomato

Or if you’re like me, someone who has very limited artistic abilities, you can also just pack on as much deliciousness (i.e.bacon) as your conscience would allow onto your creations.


If you have a big appetite and pancakes don’t fill you up, Slappy Cakes also offer various classic breakfast items such as Egg Benedicts and Grilled Cheese Sandwich as well. Best part about this? This experience at other countries’ Slappy Cakes branches would have cost you way more. At Slappy Cakes Thailand you’re getting the same fun, but for so much less because Thailand.


You can now PLAY with your food in public because that’s how being an adult works. Let us know about your Slappy Cakes experience, and share your delicious creations!

Slappy Cakes Thailand opens daily from 8am – 9pm. Located near Phrom Phong BTS Station. Tel. 02 662 4887 

Check out their Facebook page for more information!


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