Types of single person you date in Bangkok


If you have spent some time in Bangkok you already know you have encountered these classic pieces….

1. Bangkok’s David Bond

This guy has a likeable personality and could pick up girls or get picked up at every stop of the BTS.

2. Online Dating Expert

This guy swipes ONLY right on Tinder and sends messages after every 10 minutes on ThaiFriendly.com

3. The Urban Romantico

They have moved to Bangkok because they have either watched a lot of Hollywood movies or have desperation for Asians.
They are already planning about their family life with you on second round of drinks.

4. The insane personality

30 minutes in the first date and you see all the weird habits. 2 hours and few drinks down you are sure it is not going to work. You are already planning if something could work out in short-term.

5. The Thong Lor Party Girl

At first you love to hang out with someone who is sociable but with the third straight night-out you are dragging yourself with those panda eyes in Thong lor soi 10, you will realize you can’t keep up at this pace.

6. The one who really really loves Bangkok!

The person is in love with Bangkok more than you. You know this person is probably cheating on Bangkok with you.

7. The Sukhumvit diva

If you can’t keep up what is happening in town, there is no way you can keep up with your relationship. This person knows about all the new bars, ice-cream parlors, new restauarnts, beer gardens, events happening in town.

8. Family First

For them family always comes first. There is no phone conversation without reference to a family member. The secret to success of the relationship is memorizing the family member names.

9. The Ugly Person with Attitude

This person always swipes left on Tinder…because they know nothing is going to happen even if they swiped right….at least they have their pride….

We wish you best of luck in finding your real love or whatever you want to call in 2017….keep hunting!


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