Winter Getaway: 6 Underrated Destinations to Avoid Crowds

Pang Ung

For those looking for a last minute getaway over the upcoming holidays, here are a list of potential ideas to get you started! It’s always a good idea to leave Bangkok for a few days over the New Year, as it gets even more crowded than it already is.

Phu Arn Man Wild Flower Fields, Ubonratchathani

phu arn maphu arn ma2

Tis’ the Season. For wildflowers, that is. Wild flowers are beginning to bloom, welcoming winter season in Sri Meungmai district, Ubonratchathani province. The scenery is surreal with colorful flowers painting the horizon. The area also has a famous “carriage trail”, trail engraved in the rocks hundreds of years ago by buffalo carriages.

Lotus Fields, Mae Hong Sorn

doi mae ooh kordoi mae ooh kor2

Also available only once a year is the lotus field in Doi Mae Ooh Koh. This hidden gem is in the Northern province of Mae Hong Sorn, which is a bit of a drive from Chiang Mai. However, it’s definitely worth a detour if you’re planning to spend winter vacation up North!

Phu Ruea, Loei Province

phu reauphu reau2

Head over to Phu Ruea, the coldest place in Northeastern Thailand for a romantic getaway. The sunrise is a spectacle like no other. On a clear day, you’d be able to see all of Leoi’s mountain tops from Phu Ruea national park. Two popular sunrise spots are “Dae-Cho” and “Pha-Lone-Noi”.

Chiang Khan

chiang khanchiang khan3

A simple walk around Chiang Khan is an experience in itself. This ancient city by Mekong river still retains most of its beautiful traditional architecture. The ambience is cozy and warm, the complete opposite of big cities like Bangkok. In addition to winter, Chiang Khan remains a popular destination all year round.

Pang Ung

pang ungpang ung2

Ever heard of the saying that if you start your day off on the right foot, you’ll enjoy the rest of your day? Well, what’s a better way than start with this spectacular view? The serene lake is masked with thin layers of fog in the morning, the good kind where you can fill your lungs with. Other activities include rafting and hiking. This is the definition of a nature getaway!

Mallika, Kanchanaburi


Mallika takes ‘ancient city’ to another level. This town is modeled after the time under the reign of Rama V when Thailand was still Siam. You will be able to experience traditional Thai lifestyle including a Thai-style house by rice patties, Wooden Sala by the water, and traditional Thai desserts and foods sold by vendors wearing Thai costumes.


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