Winter Getaway: Red Lotus Sea


There’s more to Thailand than just white sandy beaches and mountainous hikes. Although Northeastern region of Thailand isn’t as popular as other coastal cities, it boasts magnificent landscape and nature left untouched. At the very tip of this region lies Beung Kan province, bordering Laos. Specifically, December in Beung Kan sees pink horizons where endless sea of red lotuses meet the sky.

red lotus seared lotus sea2

Ngong Lerng, Beung Kan

Ngong Lerng red lotus sea is located in Ngong Lerng, Beung Kan province, approximately 50 km away from downtown. Annually from late November to Early February, the blooming lotuses paint a picturesque scenery. Particularly, winter 2016 has been especially lively, with more lotuses blooming than any other previous years. Spread over 1,000 acre of land, Ngong Lerng guarantees a true nature experience with beautiful scenery and wildlife.

red lotus sea3red lotus sea4

local tips

Visitors should arrive early, as the peak blooming hours of lotuses is from 5.30 am to 9.30 am. Furthermore, the chilly morning weather is perfect for a cruise. They also offer rental boats at 100 THB as well. For more information, visit their website here.


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