Bangkok Sausage House


Normally finding a decent sausage in Bangkok is pretty hard, luckily now you don’t have to look any further, we have found possibly the best sausages in Bangkok!

Bangkok Sausage House is a small gourmet maker of sausages. Their goal is to make delicious, home made sausages without any preservatives, MSG or any filler of any sort and at a reasonable price. They will happily deliver to Bangkok and surrounding areas.

The owner Khun Sasi takes pride in providing a quality product at a reasonable price. She makes all the sausages at home by hand, using care and expertise to provide a quality, consistent and delicious product.

Bangkok Sausage House make a variety of European, Thai and American sausages. The Brits are big fans of the Bangers and Cumberlands, Americans like the Andouille, Germans like the Brat’s and Frankfurters and everybody likes the Hot Italian and Chorizo’s. For those enjoying Thai tastes, we product classics like Sai Oua and Sai Krok Isaan as well as unique sausages such as Pork Satay, Laab Moo, Northern Laab and more.

To Celebrate their recent partnership with Bangkok Inter Hockey Club, Bangkok Sausage House are running 10% discount on all first orders.




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