Get Fit: Bike Trails in Bangkok

Peppermint Bike Park

Bangkok is not a bike friendly city. This is a fact. Bike lanes here are pretty much non-existent, but even if they do exist, they’re all probably taken over by mopeds. Thus, if you’re into biking and just want to enjoy the hobby without risking your life, this list is for you! Following are places where you can enjoy the scenery in peace.

Peppermint Bike Park

peppermint bike park3peppermint bike park2

This bike park in Kaset-Nawamin district was built by bike enthusiasts for fellow bikers to enjoy. Peppermint bike park is a perfect solution for Bangkok’s lack of bike lanes. With approximately 4 acres of land, the park includes different obstacles and tracks including hills, swamps, bridges, and even wall ride for those craving adrenaline rush. In addition to a relaxing ride, you can also improve your biking skills as well.

Annual Membership 200 THB
Day Bike [7am – 5.30pm] 100 THB/members 150 THB/public
Night Bike [6pm – 10pm] 150 THB/members 200 THB/public

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Beung Makham Tet

beung makhan tet2beung makhan tet

Beung Makham Tet is a reservoir project meant to help relieve flooding problems. The surrounding open areas are developed into a park of sort, with bike lanes for nature enthusiasts. Head over to the reservoir for a truly relaxing ride, with endless rice paddies on both sides of the trail. Bonus points for those who get a proof shot of giant floating ducks in the middle of the reservoir!

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Khung Bang Krachao

bang krachao3bang krachao2

Right across the Chao Phraya river lies a nature getaway of Bang Krachao. With over 4,700 acres of land, Bang Krachao is probably where you can get the freshest air in this urban city. Named as the Best Urban Oasis of Asia in 2006 by Time Magazine, this bike trail will surely not disappoint. Also called emerald trail by locals, the greenery here will surely help you unwind after a stressful day.

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Bhumibol Bridge

bhumibol bridgebhumibol bridge2

Bhumibol bridge crosses over Chao Phraya river. Located in the industrial district, the bridge is divided into two parts, stretching over quite a distance. The architecture of the bridge is a sight in and of itself. Head over here for a bike ride with a skyline of the city in the background. This is also a popular spot for photographers at nighttime.

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Suan Rod Fai [Wachira Benjatat Park]

suan rod fai2suan rod fai3

Formerly a golf course, this green space is now one of the most popular parks in Bangkok. Besides biking, Suan Rod Fan is also perfect for an afternoon picnic with friends and family. Springtime here is particularly beautiful with pink flowers blooming all over the park. Biking here is especially organized with rules instructing one-way directions and prohibiting bikers to ride on grass.

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Benjakiti Park

benjakiti parkbenjakiti park2

Another park in the heart of the city, Benjakiti is on Ratchadapisek Rd., With over 170 acres of land, the park is divided into two parts. One is specifically for activities such as biking and yoga while another offers a botanical exhibition, showcasing tropical plants. Benjakiti also offers a plaza which occasionally hosts cultural events and concerts.

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