Pride Parade to be held in Bangkok this year


The first march was held in 1970s and since then it has spread all throughout the world. Bangkok last hosted the parade 11 years ago, finally 2017 seems to bring back memories.

The pride parade is a celebration of LGBT community. With sponsors such as OUT BKK, Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand, QueerMango, Bangkokrainbow and the The HIV Foundation Asia the parade will be one of the most diverse experience for people within and outside the LGBT community.

The theme of the event is “Equality Needs You” and is planned to run for 6 days from May 15 – May 20 with social events, film festivals and parties organized. The parade is aimed to raise awareness about health-issues among the people in the LGBT community.

Full schedule of the event will be posted soon on the Facebook page.

FB: PrideParade


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