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Our new column, “In the Soi” is all about introducing local neighborhood’s unique spots that you might not know about! Following a great response to our first article on Hipster OnNut, we now introduce you to an equally popular neighborhood with expats, Ari! Despite many big companies in the area, Ari still has many relaxing hangout spots to offer to people of all ages!



Puritan might seems like another regular coffee shop at first glance, but they offer more than just coffee. A mix between antique gallery and cafe, Puritan transports you to medieval Europe. All decors belong to the owner’s personal collection, who particularly loves antique Parisian style. Pastries here are a mix of French and Japanese, made from high-quality ingredients. Recommended dish includes Coconut Vanilla Tart, Mango-Shrimp Salad with Italian Dressing, and Black Fettucine.

46/1 Soi Ari 5



If OnNut has Cycam, then Ari has Tokyobike. As opposed to Cycam’s European-imported bikes, Tokyobike offers products imported from Japan. As an official importer, bicycles here are guaranteed to be of great quality. Customers are welcomed to try our all products before purchase. Their bikes give off a vintage vibe, perfect for all hipsters and interested buyers alike. Furthermore, they also have simple bakeries and coffee for sale as well.

20 Ari Soi 2

Izakaya Ryoma

izakaya ryomaizakaya ryoma2

This is the ultimate hangout spot after work. Izakaya Ryoma is a Kansai-style bar/restaurant in Soi Ari. Particularly, the cozy and familiar ambience is perfect for those looking to unwind after a stressful day. They offer wide selections of Japanese beer and Sakes. Be sure to order traditional Japanese snacks to accompany your drinks!

Phahonyothin Soi 5 across from Ministry of Finance headquarter

The Artwins Canteen and Bar

artwins canteen and bar2artwins canteen and bar

Artwins is a result from the owners’ love of art and food. The white simplistic decor combined with unique furnitures give off a vintage vibe like no other. The large table in the middle of the restaurant is reminiscent of a school’s cafeteria yet the food is spectacular. Offering both Thai and Western menus, be sure to try out their Casanova Burger or their Cheese Roti.

21 Phahonyothin Soi 9

29th Calvary Battalion: Horse-riding Club

sanampao horseridingsanampao horseriding2

As opposed to general assumptions, the calvary battalion does not only serve military members and government officials but also the general public. They offer horse riding classes to the general public, with discounts available for government officials and military members. In addition, they occasionally hosts horse shows during special events as well.

Summer Street

summer streetsummer street2

Who doesn’t love food trucks? Summer Street takes food trucks to a whole new level with Japanese-style decors and grilled fresh seafood. With no more than 10 tables, the truck is located on the side of the street in Soi Ari. Wide selections of seafood is served with Thai-style spicy seafood sauce. Definitely a perfect place to hangout after work until traffic dies down!

Soi Ari 2

Pladib Restaurant

pladib restaurant2pladib restaurant

This bar and restaurant is renovated from an old two-story wooden house. Pladib offers both indoors and outdoors seating, serving fusion cuisines such as Salmon Laarb, Spicy Pomelo Duck Breast salad, and Oyster in Canape Sauce. Be sure to ask for outdoors seating and order some beer while listening to live music!

1/1 Soi Ari 7


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